Financial Solutions

9 August 2023

Anti-Money Laundering Solution

An Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solution that utilizes graph technology is a sophisticated software platform designed to detect and combat money laundering activities within a network of banks and financial institutions. The graph technology enables the solution to represent complex relationships and interactions between entities, allowing for better visualization and analysis of financial transactions.
9 August 2023

Fraud Detection and Analysis Solution

A bank fraud detection and analysis solution that uses a graph network to measure the risk of any given transaction is a sophisticated software platform designed to identify and mitigate fraudulent activities in banking transactions. The graph network represents complex relationships and interactions between various entities involved in financial transactions, enabling comprehensive risk assessment.
9 August 2023

Customer 360 and Risk Solution

A bank customer 360 and risk solution that uses graph algorithms and AI to provide a Know Your Customer (KYC) risk score rating is an advanced software platform designed to comprehensively analyze customer data and assess the risk associated with each customer. The solution leverages graph technology to model relationships between customers and their transactions, […]